Contra Costa

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Bike Mapper: Plan your trip with Bike Mapper! 511 Contra Costa
Bike Racks on Buses: Take your bike with you on the bus. 511
Contra Costa Bike Parking Map: Learn where to park your bike in Contra Costa County! 511 Contra Costa
Contra Costa Employer Bike Racks and Lockers: Contra Costa County employers can receive a contribution toward the acquisition of bike racks and lockers for their worksite while funding is available. 511 Contra Costa
511: Sign up for Merge to find your own carpool matches 511
Carzac: Carpool whenever you need, and pay through the Carzac app. Enter SPAREAIR05 for $5 in free rides! Carzac
Scoop: Schedule carpools at your convenience via the rideshare service app. Enter SPAREAIR05 for $5 in free rides! Scoop
Turo: This peer-to-peer carsharing service lets you rent out your car when you’re not using it, or rent someone else’s car when they’re not using it. Turo
Zipcar: Pay a membership fee to join, reserve cars by the hour via website or app. Zipcar
Guaranteed Ride Home
Contra Costa Guaranteed Ride Home: Get a free taxi ride or rental car in case of emergency if you work in Contra Costa County. Must be pre-registered. 511 Contra Costa
Lyft/LyftLine: Catch a ride on your own, or share your trip with others. Lyft
Uber/uberPOOL: Catch a ride on your own, or share your trip with others. Uber
511 Contra Costa Safe Routes to School: Learn how to safely walk, bike, and carpool to school while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making our communities healthier for all. Find out if your school is participating! 511 Contra Costa
511 Contra Costa School Public Transit Ticket Program: Limited free, introductory bus tickets are available when your student takes public transit to school. Includes assistance with carpool formation where available. 511 Contra Costa
Tax Benefits
Commuter Tax Benefits: Save money by paying for transit and vanpools with pre-tax wages. N/A
BART Carpool Parking: Carpool to BART for special parking privileges. BART
Clipper: The region's all-in-one transit card is the only way to get AC Transit passes and fare discounts, BART High Value Discount tickets and more. Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Contra Costa Try Transit BOGO Offers: Partnering with select transit agencies with buy-one, get-one-free offers. 511 Contra Costa
Transit Apps: Plan trips, find out departure times and get alerts using a variety of apps. 511
Transit & Trails App: Get to parks and open spaces near you with the Transit & Trails app. Bay Area Open Space Council
New Contra Costa Vanpool Driver Incentive: New drivers could be eligible to receive a $1,000 driver bonus after being on the road for 12 consecutive months. 511 Contra Costa
New Contra Costa Vanpool Passenger Incentive: New vanpool passengers could be eligible to receive 50% off their fare for three months when they join a vanpool. 511 Contra Costa
Commute with Enterprise: The Bay Area Vanpool Program provides $350 per month to qualifying vanpool groups who rent their vanpools with Commute with Enterprise 511
Vanpool Seat Subsidies: The Bay Area Vanpool Program will subsidize empty seats in your owner-operated vanpool up to $300. 511
Other Incentives
511 Rideshare Promotions: Enter contests or log your carpool and other green commute trips to be eligible to win prizes! 511
Contra Costa Drive Less Commuter Incentive: Receive $25 to carpool, vanpool take transit, bike or walk. Must live or work in Contra Costa County and would drive alone to work if this incentive was not available. 511 Contra Costa
Contra Costa Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Find electric vehicle charging stations in Contra Costa County. 511 Contra Costa
Discounted Carpool/Vanpool Tolls: Carpools and vanpools pay discounted tolls on bridges. Caltrans
HOV Lanes: Get there faster in a high-occupancy vehicle lane. 511
Park & Ride Lots: Take advantage of 150 free, convenient Park & Ride lots to meet carpool partners, meet your vanpool or catch your bus. Caltrans, transit agencies, and local cities